Bolotnoe Delo: case of 6th May, Repressions in Russia

On the 22 of April in the Concert Hall of the Moskva Hotel the results of public investigations of Bolotnoe Delo are being presented. Everyone is welcome.

Vladimir Putin has been enforcing the system of repressions and that is not a secret. The system in which people can't speak their mind unless their mind is completely the same as what is officially declared.

What's happening now gives an impression of surreal performance, only the difference is that real people are involved in this seemingly impossible for acting play.

Khodorkovsky, Pussy Riot and many more. Last year on the 6th of May there was a demonstration, the one in a row of demonstrations after the State Duma elections (Russian Parliament) which had been shamelessly rigged.

There was a fight between the police and the demonstrators. Since the 6th of May some demonstrators have still been kept in prison without a verdict. Most of them are young people of about 20 years old:students, office managers, etc. They have been kept there as if they are killers or thieves , they are not allowed home detention.

An absolutely respected actor Alexander Philippenko is speaking in defence of one of the suspects, Stepan Zimin. Stepan, 21 years old, is a student of the Historical Department, is fond of historical reconstruction performances.

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