Last weekend's Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg, my hometown.

The Dostoyevsky's related sights. 

The area of Sennaya Ploshchad' (Sennaya Square) and Vladimirskiy Prospect are the places densely inhabited by Dostoevsky's characters. He himself rented the apartment where he died near Vladimirskaya underground station. The apartment now houses his memorial museum.  Location of the museum here. 

The supposedly Raskolnikov's house where he plotted the murder is not far from Sennaya Ploshchad' station. Actually, if you start walking from Sennaya Ploshchad' towards Nevsky Prospect along the Griboedov Channel you will see the setting of Dostoevsky's novels.

Nowadays Sennaya Ploshchad is the city centre. However, in the 19th century it was a remote area where working class people or poor intelligentsia settled. The tiny crooked street (pereulok Brinko) adjacent to the square, mentioned in the novel Crime and Punishment,  was inhabited by prostitutes and low working class. Raskolnikov used to go there to feel even worse.

On my way from Sennaya Ploshchad' to Saint-Isaak Cathedral. 
Lions' Bridge (suspension)  over the Griboedov Channel.

Rested in "Gosty" restaurant in Malaya Morskaya street. Cosy, beautifully furnished, situated on two floors.  Pricey. For a teapot of black tea and three scoops of so-called "home-made" ice-cream I paid 450 roubles=10 euros. By the way, the ice-cream was not tasty at all. Too sweet and without that unforgettable creamy flavor any ice-cream had in the Soviet Union (luckily, they didn't know about the existence of palm oil  then).

the interior of the cafe downstairs, the restaurant is upstairs

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