Дело против Навального - Дело против меня.

Navalny is changing the whole course of Russian politics.

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”
Mahatma Ganndhi


I am in Latvia. ))

Hello, everybody!

First of all, ask questions about Russia: tell me what you would like to know about the towns around Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. This way I'll target not only at what interests me, but also - what interests you in particular. )) However, I am not going to be in Russia till September.

One more thing - I am in Latvia now, so you may keep up with the news on my Latvian Blog  http://travelinlatvia.blogspot.com/. I am working on the post about shopping opportunities in Riga and our trip to Engure, a lake in Latvia, that is a part of an ancient sea separated from the Baltic Sea long ago by a strip of land.

Elisabeta in the restaurant of villa Elisabeta
in Engure (the town on the way to the same-called lake)

See you!


Vladimir, Art Centre and some restaurants

The statuette depicting lives of the Russians of 19th century.
The Museum of Local History in Vladimir.
It is as much sad as it is funny.

Vladimir, more sights to see

I've written about some hotels and souvenirs you might bring from Vladimir here and about Vladimir Art Centre here. In this post I 'll write about the Nunnery with mostly preserved frescoes, art gallery, restaurants of Vladimir.

Well, you will certainly enjoy  Uspensky Cathedral: not only Rublev's frescoes but also the rich baroque iconostasis.  However, take a walk around the city: there are many more sights to see.

View Vladimir in a larger map


Vladimir, the Golden Ring of Russia

We went to Vladimir in May but I didn't have time to properly arrange the material so it's a bit late. Here I'm going to write about what guides are like in Russia, our experience of checking in hotels, and nice things you can buy from a souvenir shop.

Vladimir is an administrative centre of the Vladimirsky region about 200 km from Moscow, one of the  cities of the Golden Ring of Russia. Population is about 350 thousand people. The city is older than Moscow(1147),  was founded in 1108.  Since 1157 it was the capital of Russia.

The city is on the Klyaz'ma River and several hills which makes it very picturesque.

It is particularly famous for the Uspensky Cathedral with the restored frescoes by Andrey Rublev and Daniil Cherny (1158) and Dmitrievsky Cathedral (1194). Those are the sights tourists are dragged to by unimaginative tourist agents in Vladimir regardless the fact they could show them more aspects of it.

The picture below is the view of Uspensky Cathedral from the Museum of Local History (ethnographical).