The band Lyapis Trubetskoy was prohibited performance …

Here we go again, nothing can teach us, we just seem to reject fiercely what we've gone through during  the oppression of the Soviet period, all the pain, poverty, madness, hypocrisy. Do we want more of it?

It's painful but the problem of the Russian Federation is not putin, but the Russians, serving their patron with  obsequiousness. Nowadays putin is gaining more and more support with ordinary people. And although I don't watch Russian television nowadays, since it's all lies, there's one piece of truth in the news nowadays - putin is gaining support. Regardless the fact that lots of Russians still don't have running water in their houses and go to the toilet outside the house, many can't find a job that can support their family, they feel pride for putin who doesn't give away Crimnea.

Censorship in the USSR  crystallized into ugliest, most perverted and absurd forms then. That is exactly what we're heading for nowadays. The popular band Lyapis Trubetskoy was prohibited a performance in Pskov (Russia) due to the complaint of the local Communist Party members. They suppose the videos and songs of the new album "Matreshka" produce Russia's image in an unflattering and miserable way.

Of course, we all have to watch this "mean" and "evil" video which so embarrassed the delicate taste of the Communist Party members.