Part 3. Prioka, the Oka river, winter

Russian winter may look sombre in the cities, but in the country it's enjoyable, fresh, crispy.

There can be so much snow that you won't be able to stride freely. That's the best exercise for exhausted yappies, though.  The pictures were taken in April. You see there is still a lot of snow in Russia when crocuses blossom in Europe.

Walking up and down in the snow...

 Black-and-white, so refined...

The ice-striken Oka, there's the pass across the river on the ice. Russians are cutting corners in winter.

A squirrels'  reserve

Treat yourself to some.

Multiple mysterious tracks. We haven't seen any animals there, to my regret.

The woodpecker had a hard time doing the birch. Hungry or just obstinate? ))
You will need special boots in order to walk in the snow. We  were in rubber boots with the warm cloth inside: cheap to buy in any street market, light, never get clammy.

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