Part 2 Uglich Cats

Well, I am trying to compose a post about Uglich's sights which is not easy since they are plenty. So far I 've  just been able to make the one about Uglich's cats.

I and my husband are tenderly fond of cats.  Haven't you noticed cats are different in different locations?

Turkish cats are fragile and skinny due to the country's climate. Seems to be exhausting for all cats and impossible for acclimatization. A Turkish cat is a poor creature with a tired look and stuck out tongue. The fur needs grooming in a beauty parlor.

A Latvian cat is a delicate pampered personage, almost a celebrity since nowhere the cat is adored so much as it is adored in Latvia. This attachment to cats borders on idolization. I've seen a Latvian lady putting with her fingers a piece of liver exactly into the cat's open mouth.  The fact that  all stray Latvian cats wait for a daily meal at regular hours  saves me further explanations.

There is the country, a paragon of everything, including its treatment of cats. All the cats are tidy, groomed, with glowing fur. I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn they actually go to beauty parlors.  ALL the cats run around with personal collars there and ... a passport. The reason for which some people dream about immigrating there has become as clear as daylight now. Switzerland is a country where every cat counts.

Well, Russian cats do without collars, regular meal hours. However, let me assure you Russian cats are mostly charming, fluffy, healthy whether they are home cats or stray ones.  They are shrewd enough to make their way through life regardless lack of food, rain or shine. "Making their way though life regardless lack of food, rain or shine... " Why does it sound so familiar to me? ...

How many cats  ?

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