Serpukhov 2 Hotels, restaurants.

Serpukhov(Serpuhov) is an interesting place to visit for everyone. Here's the post about the churches and attractions of Serpuhov.

However, when it comes to hotels and places to eat, you should probe into the issue beforehand trying to avoid on-the-spot decisions in Serpukhov.

The option that might look attractive at first sight for frugal tourists is the hotel Iliance (Альянс)  since it's relatively cheap and looks well on-line. It's one of the rare cases when photos give you the impression that  has nothing in common with the reality. A double there is from 1700 = 30 dollars, it's considered to be cheap in Russia.

We always try to go for a cheaper option, however, after we had been shown the rooms
there we were ready to pay any price for a decent room anywhere else. Peeling off wallpaper and yellowish toilet  were the striking sights I'll never forget.

But that was certainly a blessing in disguise. Although, and that was for the best, it was 0.30 we left the Aliance and stayed at the Dvor'yanskaya Hotel. The place is very tidy, cosy and has everything a tourist needs.  A very nice breakfast is included: porridge, chicken cutlets, zapekanka, amazing sponge cake, fried eggs, coffee, tea, juices.

The room was spacious overlooking a relatively noisy street. To tell the truth, the hotel is so tidy, I have nothing to find faults with. The price, maybe, 3600 = 120 dollars a COMFORT double per night.  At that price we stayed there for 2 nights: arrived after midnight (the following day had officially begun) so we checked-in 11 hours earlier and stayed there 2 nights  instead of one. A STANDARD room (double) is 2700 (90 dollars).

Restaurants and cafes. 

Well, Serpukhov seems to be the only place I know where you actually pay on entering restaurants. We went to two restaurants there and in both we had to pay 100 roubles/3 dollars per person for just staying in a restaurant when we got the check.

Judging from what we ate, acquiring the culture of high cuisine is in the future, not present,  of the town chefs. Salads drenched in mayonnaise are common in restaurants and they shamelessly charge considerable sums of money for that stomach disorder you would get after eating them.  They should learn from Vladimir's chefs.

Since Serpukhov is nearer Moscow than Uglich, the prices for food and hotels are higher here.

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