Vladimir, more sights to see

I've written about some hotels and souvenirs you might bring from Vladimir here and about Vladimir Art Centre here. In this post I 'll write about the Nunnery with mostly preserved frescoes, art gallery, restaurants of Vladimir.

Well, you will certainly enjoy  Uspensky Cathedral: not only Rublev's frescoes but also the rich baroque iconostasis.  However, take a walk around the city: there are many more sights to see.

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The City Counsil

Knyaginin Nunnery, founded 1200. Although Uspensky Cathedral of the Nunnery was used as warehouse after the Great October Revolution, the frescoes of 17th century have been well-preserved. They even don't light candles there for better preservation of them.

 The Golden Gate (Zolotyie Vorota) and
the remnant of man-made defensive hill on the right

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