A one-day trip to Tver 2

I have started a series of posts about Tver here.

A trip to Tver only takes 1.5-2.5 hours depending on the traffic. Well, for Russians its nothing. In this post I am going to add to the image of Tver as a relaxing and pleasant city.

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The central streets are wide, not cluttered with traffic, clean with impressive architecture enthralling the passers-by.

You can walk both along the Volga or the city centre - anyways you won't be disappointed.

The view from Stepan Razin street across the Volga. 

 Lenin Square (Sovetskaya Ulitsa) 
 Walking along Sovetskaya street you 'll see the Tver Regional Academic Theatre 
and the Philharmonic  Hall (this turned out to be the back of the building). 

 The oldest church in Tver that survived all the perturbations is 
Belaya Troytsa Church of 1564 in  Troitskaya Ulitsa. 

 The view of Stepan Razin street
 The River Station (in a very bad condition) Still, quite impressive

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