A one-day trip to Tver 3

A one-day trip to Tver 1 

It's high time to tell you about our cafe experience which was truly very pleasant. You know there are towns around Moscow that can boast good cuisine and cosy, stylish restaurants at  prices MUCH lower than those in Moscow. 

However, since the place looked like an ordinary eatery for having snacks,  without any hope for anything special we dropped in Dobrynya Cafe on Sovetskaya street .  
 However, the salad was exceptional. 
 The lamb soup was tasty with some meat in it. 
In Moscow they often avoid putting meat in soups, you know. 
 My husband also ordered some grilled lamb which was tasty 
but with too little meat and too much fat. 
 The strudel!  Amazing! We had to order one more.
Moscow strudels are exhausted from sitting in the fridge for maybe several days things.
And this one was FRESHLY baked. Which seldom happens in Moscow.
 The lunch for the two of us cost us 50 dollars with tea, and a dessert.
So the prices are extraordinarily low.
A trip to Tver may become both an exciting and cheap travel, which, when coming together,
is what any traveller is looking forward to, 

Well, something as an architectural dessert... Bebel street (number 5 on the map ) is of certain historical value to any inquisitive tourist. Some houses were built at the end of 18th century and the peculiar exterior of buildings has been preserved so far.
The photos below are of the so-called tenant houses of the end of XIX - beginning of XX century.

View Tver Centre in a larger map

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